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Volume4,August 2017,

Topic : IoT-Based Secure Home Monitoring System

Authors:Michelle S Henriques || Prof. Nagaraj K. Vernekar

Abstract:Internet of Things (IoT) allows objects such as sensors, appliances to be sensed and controlled remotely across a network. Smart Homes is one of the fastest growing fields of the IoT technology, comprising of applications such as home automation, monitoring, and security. As the information is highly critical, a home monitoring system has high security requirements. The security requirements are not limited to user authentication, but also to encrypted communication among devices as well as device authentication. The proposed idea in this paper is to add a layer of security to the concept of Home Monitoring, both at the user level and the device level. The communication between the sensors(devices) and the Home server is encrypted using a combination of Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptography. Symmetric cryptography is used for encryption of the sensor data using a random key and Asymmetric cryptography is used to encrypt the random key. A modified version of the Vigenere cipher is used for encryption of sensor data. The key used for encryption is generated at random using the timestamp. The random key is encrypted using RSA (Asymmetric cryptography) using the home server’s public key. This ensures that only the home server will be able to decrypt the key using its private key. At the user end, two-phase authentication will be used for user login. Any intrusions would be detected using honeywords (false passwords).

Keywords: Cryptography, Encryption, Internet of Things (IoT), Security, Vigenere

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid52460

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