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Volume4,March 2017,

Topic : Digitalization of Medical Prescription and Localization of Healthcare Products

Authors:R. Ganesan || E. Kughan , R. Sanjay, S. Arun Karthikeyan

Abstract:This project enables the doctors to send prescription digitally to the patients who are not able to visit the doctor in person and also allows the patients to check the availability of medical products in nearby pharmacies. The conventional way practised by doctors is to write the prescription using pen and paper and also the patient may not know about the availability of these medical products in nearby pharmacies. The use of pen and paper for medical prescription is not encouraged because the prescription might get damaged, lost over duration of time and no further automations/computations cannot be done that limits the scope of pervasive healthcare system. During emergency situations, the patient might not get the prescribed medical products due to lack of availability in nearby pharmacies which lead to severe health issues. This project digitalizes the prescription given by the doctors and also guides the patients to the nearby pharmacies which contain the required quantity of medicines and other medical products. Due to this digitalization of medical prescription, the patients suffering from severe ailments might not strain themselves to consult the doctor in person. This project also enables the user to check for the availability of the required medical products in the nearby pharmacies using GPS and Google Maps implemented in Android platform. It uses an ranking algorithm to enhance the quantity of information which is fetched from the database and presented to the patient. The ranking also uses a credit-based system, which weightage to rating given in recent years. The uniqueness of the project is to design low cost pervasive healthcare inventory automation system..

Keywords: automation system, healthcare inventory, ranking, prescription, availability

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4iss3pid002

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