Paper Title:The Time Efficient Privacy-Preserving Multi- Keyword Ranked Search more Encrypted Cloud Data


In cloud environment data privacy is very important concern. Hence while deploying any data on cloud particular needs higher security with privacy. Hence important or personal data have to be encrypted before deploying that data on cloud. When particular deploys data and want to retrieve some data then he/she has to go under many search techniques to find the relevant document according to search query. With consideration of privacy and of economic concerns most individuals tend to deploy data on cloud server or deploying data from local to commercial cloud. But while deploying data security and privacy are most important Hence in this paper we are defining first time mutli-keyword ranked search with preserving privacy along with that we have to achieve time efficiency, for that we are using multithreading concept. We first propose a basic idea for the MRSE based on secure inner product computation to efficiently achieve multi- keyword ranked search and then give two significantly improved MRSE schemes to achieve various privacy requirements.

Keywords:Encrypted Data Search,Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Storage, Ranked Search.