Paper Title:A Survey on Phrase Search over Encrypted Cloud Storage with Multiple Data Owners


The basic advantage of cloud computing is giving of data benefit, by which the data proprietors stores their information in general data server farms by financially sparing their capital venture towards data management. Distributed cloud storage gives clients enormous storage room and makes it easy to use for prompt necessity of data, which is the establishment of a wide range of cloud based applications. Data giving in the business open cloud additionally raises the issue for unapproved data get to and the distributed cloud storage would not be commendable if the outsourced data isn't viably used. The challenge is on the most proficient method to influence successful data to access in the public cloud storage aiming at change of different searching procedures for expanding the data usage. In this paper, an endeavour is made to review different searching procedures for the powerful data use in cloud storage and is talked about in detail.

Keywords:Cloud computing, data usage, data management, distributed cloud storage.