Paper Title:A Survey on Neural Networks and Its Applications


Now a day the term Machine Learning is playing a vital role in every industry. Machine Learning is a branch of computer science that enables a computer to learn without being programmed clearly. It gives a brief explanation of algorithms from which we can make predictions on data. Machine Learning is classified into two types: supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) is one of the Machine Learning algorithms which are inspired by the functionality of human brain. ANNs perform specific tasks on computer like classification, pattern recognition, clustering etc. Applications of ANNs in various disciplines include engineering, healthcare, nanotechnology, chemical engineering, bio technology, business and in other fields. In this paper, we give a brief description of ANNs in various fields and their applications and how they are playing an vital role in various applications. There are some merits and limitations which are mentioned.
Keywords:Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Unsupervised learning, supervised learning, ANN applications