Paper Title:Importance of Virtual Machines in a Cloud Computing Environment


Efficiently combining many fields of computing is an emerging concept of Cloud computing. Over the Internet Cloud computing is providing various services with software and its processing capacity for the utilization of various servers. For the usage of the business customers cloud computing is capable of handling a huge amount of growing work in a predestined manner, it is the main advantage of cloud computing. With virtualization cloud computing generalizes the physical infrastructure and makes this easy to use and manage the various servers. Based on the users’ needs resources are allocated with the usage and implementation of virtualization and at the same time it supports the green computing concept. To improve the utilization of the main server “Skewness” is introduced with which the same is minimized to combine various workloads. And Overload avoidance is maintained which leads to achieve good performance. Web hosting scenario is used to achieve this dynamic resource allocation concept.
Keywords:Cloud computing, dynamic resource allocation, skewness, virtualization, overload avoidance.