Paper Title:Data Mining: A Professional Tool for Effective Counselling and Course Selection in Educational Institutions


The most important decisions in selecting appropriate branch in Engineering is needs for every student who wants a increasing the number of career paths and also job opportunities. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research’s (ISIR), give info about the almost students are confusion and fail in selection of their interest of branch in Engineering. This type of students, taking the counselling of choosing branch is essential. If the student select the branch without any prior knowledge, based on their parents pressure or getting influenced from their friends, the students face many difficulties in the course period or in his career also. It is better for the student to select the branch based on his skills, interest and career goal. In this process, the student should take survey or feedback from parents, teachers, professionals and experts.
Keywords:Career Prediction, Data Mining,REP Tree,Weka 3.9.2, Neural Networks