Paper Title:A Survey on Online Social Voting Based on Recommended Systems


Recommended system which predicts or recommend the content to the user based on the past searches and based on the other user's behavior. With the popularity of the social network, the social recommender system has gained the momentum of research among the researchers and political scientist. Social voting is one of the new emerging features. Social voting is used by both e-commerce and political organizations. Political organizations use it to analyze the outcome of the election result. Ecommerce uses it to boost their services and business. The paper basically talk more about collaborative filtering in specific and in general about the social recommender systems. The paper discusses the approaches which are taken for the social voting recommendation. And it discusses the social voting recommendation system in MF and NN based approaches. The paper provides a summarize context of the techniques and challenges in the collaborating filtering.
Keywords:Collaborative filtering,social voting,similarities,recommender systems.