Paper Title:IoT-Temperature and Heart Beat Detection over the Internet using Arduino


Recent developments in the Internet of Things has interconnected all the objects and determined as the next technical revolution .In this paper Internet of Things is playing a vital role in the medicine’s to tract the patients’ Health which in terms called as Health Monitoring System. Health factors related to temperature, pulse rate, Heartbeat detection etc. are mainly concern for the health monitoring of the risked patient. Keeping the track of the patient reception may be troublesome specially maturity patients. Our task is to track patient’s health wirelessly over internet. Since we are dealing with clinical area, this falls under the category of Healthiiot. Healthiiot is the graphical records to the attentional patient so a proper professional can instigate those patients. Thus Internet of Things in the medical field brings out the solution for the effective patient monitoring at reduced cost and also reduces the trade-off between the patient outcome and disease management. In this paper our focus is on Heartbeat (pulse rate), Temperature detections using Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
Keywords:Temperature sensor, Heartbeat, Pulse rate, Internet of Things, Arduino, Raspberry pi, ZigBee, ThingSpeak