Paper Title:Blockchain: An Emerging Paradigm in Rice Supply Chain Management


dia is a vast country with most of its people consuming rice as their basic food. Rice always has a significant demand in the market and Rice supply chain management system plays a vital role in getting rice from farmers and supplying it to consumers. With the rapid growth in modern internet technologies so many new techniques have been introduced in the functioning of rice supply chain management so that to meet the demand of rice in market and an efficient product is delivered to public. But all those techniques are turning out to be futile because of their opaque, monopolistic and asymmetric nature. Everything is governed and maintained by a central authority which leads to problems like tampering and falsifying information regarding supply of rice and its processes. Blockchain a revolutionary technology which is decentralized and distributed is not governed by any central authority and provide distributed databases such that creating transparency in the network of supply chain. In this paper we will build a rice supply chain system model by integrating Blockchain technology into the system, hence providing transparency, neutrality, reliability and security for all the operations involved in rice supply chain.

Keywords:rice supply chain management system, blockchain, decentralized, distributed and transparency.