Paper Title:An Application Designed To Obtain Maximum Flow during Homogenous Congested Traffic


We all are aware about the situation that the traffic system is facing at the present time. There is a huge congestion in the flow of traffic management which is one of the major problems for all the individual and environment. Generally we all are facing this problem from very beginning but we are not able to handle it in a better way or say we are not able to minimize this problem in a perfect way. We all knew that day by day the life style of human being is automated and the needs are at a high level. Just to optimize the high standard life style, more and more vehicles are bought and used. Because of which only there is a huge homogeneous congestion in the traffic. So to reduce the congestion in traffic by optimizing maximum flow of the vehicles at a time is a main objective of this paper. To optimize this problem we are applying an algorithm called ‘Ford-Fulkerson algorithm’ which provides the key parameters that can help to reduce traffic congestion in homogeneous traffic. Thus the main purpose of this paper also intends to implement methodology and simulate the traffic scenario and observes its impact on traffic congestion.

Keywords:Addressing, Mapping, Swapping, Graceful code, Segmentation