Paper Title:A Review on Remote Data Auditing in Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has emerged as a computational paradigm and also as an alternative to the conventional computing. Cloud computing aims at providing reliable, resilient infrastructure with the high quality of services for cloud users in both academic and business environments. The outsourced data in the cloud and the computation results are not always trustworthy because of the insufficiency in physical possession and control over the data for data owners. Ever since security protection threats to outsourced data have become an exigent task in cloud computing. Many researchers have focused on refining this problem and enabling public auditability for cloud data storage security using remote data auditing techniques. This paper presents a survey on the remote data storage auditing and presents remote data auditing approaches. The intent of this paper is to highlight issues and challenges of RDA protocols in the cloud and the mobile cloud computing. The state-of-the-art RDA approaches are also analysed and classified into two groups of provable data possession, proof of retrievability.

Keywords:Cloud computing, Auditing, third party audit