Paper Title:Trustworthy Cloud Service Discovery for Large Scale applications - An Approach to Cloud and Big Data Environment


Cloud computing emerged as a paradigm to deliver various services through web. This technology enables virtualization to separate physical computing resources in to scalable system of multiple independent computing resources. This facility offers to speed up the operations on-demand and greatly reduces the cost as well. Cloud adopts service oriented architecture to provide massive IT resources in heterogeneous environment. Service oriented computing is a solution for solving large scale applications. These applications utilize various services from heterogeneous resources offered by different service providers. Effective service discovery in cloud is highly complex at different levels of quality of service offered by different providers. Ensuring its accessibility, availability, trustworthiness and relevance matching are challenging tasks. To identify the relevance matching between the published cloud services by a publisher and the requested details by the end user, we proposed Trustworthy cloud service discovery for large scale applications. In this paper, we focused on the above issues for effective service publication and service discovery in the cloud. We have addressed about effective way of discovering the cloud services and accessing the resource

Keywords:Cloud services, Service publication, Service discovery, Trustworthiness