Paper Title:Pathfinder: Multi-cloud architecture for disaster management using UCaaS model


A natural calamity is an aspect, which is uncontrollable, but predictable with help of disaster sensing facilities available in a country, however saving the life of millions who reside in the disaster prone area plays a key role in disaster management. Without alerting the people of upcoming calamity and making them evacuate the area and go to safer places, the concept of disaster management is never fulfilled. We bring forth the usage of cloud computing facility to address the issue. The three governmental bodies of National Telecommunication Authority, Disaster Management Authority and Municipal Authority to unite for a cause by allotting them a individual application connected via cloud and each application has a separate task to perform on sensing the natural calamity through sensors. The application was web based one and cloud database that plays a key role in this system will be a separate cloud database for all the three systems. The Disaster Management Authority on receiving alert regarding calamity through their sensors will use this application to transfer the alert to respective municipal authority of the region and the municipal authority uses its cloud database to store information regarding the safer places which can resist the calamity in that area and along with the information regarding the safer places the municipal authority sends the message to National Telecom Authority and the National Telecom Authority will identify the number of mobile devices active in that area and sends an alert message through SMS and voice calls. On giving a separate caller identity for that message and voice call and enabling the public to know about the id through mass media, we can expect them to act in time.

Keywords:UCaaS (Unified Communications as Service), DMA (Disaster Management Authority), GIS (Geographical Information System), NTA (National Telecommunication Authority), SMS (Short Messaging Service), SMSC (Short Messaging Service Center)