Paper Title:Smart Voting System Support through Face Recognition


In this paper a new authentication technique in online voting system using facial recognition of the voter is used. In India, currently there are two types of voting system in practice. They are secret Ballet paper and Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), but both of the process have some limitation or demerits. In India online voting has not been yet implemented. The current voting system is not safe and secure too. The voters need to go to distributed places like polling booths and stand in a long queue to cast their vote, because of these reasons most of the people misses their chance of voting. The voter who is not eligible can also cast its vote by fake means which may leads to many problems. That’s why in this project we have to propose a system or way for voting which is very effective or useful in voting. In our approach we have three level of security in voting process. The first level is the verification of unique id number (UID), second level is the verification of election id number (EID) and third level is face recognition or face matching. The security level of our system is greatly improved by the new application method for each voter. The user authentication process of the system is improved by adding face recognition in an application which will identify whether the particular user is authenticated user or not.