Paper Title:To Improve Railway Passenger Reservation and Wakeup Alertness using Digital Display and GPS based Message Alert


With increase in population in India, everyday large number of people are using different kind of transportation inorder to travel from one place to another place. Different transportations are opted in India are Road transport, Rail transport, Air and ship transport. In that, most of the people prefer to travel through rail transport. Though the railway department is operating service in various classes, still the people are not able to travel conveniently, for not able to get the ticket reservation properly, due to this reason that, advancing the chart preparation 4 hours before the departure of train in the earlier days. Such situation, even though tickets are there, after chart has prepared, one cannot reserve the ticket for that train. Later, chart preparation time is reduced by preparing the chart earlier than 4 hours before the train departure. It allow more Passengers to reserve the ticket till the chart preparation time, because of that, reserved ticket seat or birth shuffling takes place which is not notified to the passenger correctly in time. Though, Indian Railways provides high class services in all means, still few flaws are there in reservation mechanism and passenger alertness towards the passenger destination station that train reaches.

Keywords:Ticket reservation, Digital display, Indian railway