Paper Title:DRSODA Key Management Scheme to Prevent Security Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks


To address this issue of Security related attacks in wireless sensor networks, the proposed new DRSODA key management schematic approach for clustered based multi-hop scheme used for hop-by-hop dynamically distributed and centriclocalized security based control for multi-hop clustered based networks which helps in security measures and also reduce the authentication problems with key maintenance overheads and also it suitable for distributed and Centralized or Hybrid related security control algorithms. New network based routing algorithms such as multi-tier data dissemination model for large scale WSN are capable of handle the overhead of mobility and topology changes according to the packet transmission in such meanwhile energy constrained a lot . To address this issue, a novel data collection method called SAMRAM Enhanced Min-Max Amount shortest path(EMMASP) can be used to collect information from heterogeneous and homogenous databases networks.

Keywords:Introduction, Related work, Proposed Methodology Work, Implementation , Simulation results.