Paper Title:Demand Multipath Routing Protocol with Network Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Sensor Network Fixed Routing Function


Wireless sensor network are dynamic in nature and short-term network without the dependence of any infrastructure without central administration in general, in sensor network nodes are increased or added instantly due to that batteries can enhanced very fast as nodes moves with in, network not a problem, when outside communications it becomes a major problem. In Existing work, sensordemand multipath routing protocols, optimal routing protocols are consider to solve the above problem but energy consumption levels are measured at contain levels only. The Proposed work, The DOMR-NLM considered three performance metrics like, energy consumption with network life time, throughput, end to end delay and packet delivery ratio Fixed Function routing techniques to optimize the energy utilization in ad hoc networks demand multipath routing protocols like FRFAOMDV. The proposed protocol is called AOMDV with the fixed fitness function (FRF-AOMDV). To find the shortest optimal path from sink node to final node to reduce the energy utilization in multipath routing in wireless sensor networks. The performance of the proposed FRF-AOMDV protocol has been evaluated by using OMNET ++ . where the performance was compared with AOMDV and other demand multipath routing protocol network maximization protocols, the most popular protocols proposed in this area the comparison was evaluated based on energy consumption, evaluating throughput , calculating packet delivery ratio, end to end delay ratio, network life time maximization and multipath routing over head ratio performance metrics, varying the movements of node speed, packet size, and simulation time the results clearly demonstrate that the proposed FRF-AOMDV out performed AOMDV and DOMR-NLM.

Keywords:Motivational Work, AOMDV,DOMR-NLM, FRF-AOMDV,ADMDV