Paper Title:Phantom Flooding Traffic Detection Techniques for Packet Dropping Centers in WSN


In broad-spectrum Traffic analysis method used for collectively processing the packet transmitted times and eavesdropping per locations at a fusion center . In Existing work, Treat models can be generalized based on the adversary’s network view, the ability of the eavesdropping devices like (packet decoding , localization of transmission).It includes random walks , adding of pseudorandom sources and destinations , flooding etc. In proposed work: Resource oriented efficient traffic normalization schemes are used for comparative study to the state of the art to reduce the communication overhead by more than 50%. End to end packet delay by more than 30% by using round-robin fusion method. This method allows us to reduce the number of traffic source active at a given time while providing routing paths any node in the WSN. It reduce packet end to end delay by loosely coupling coordinating packet relaying, without rerouting the traffic directionality phantom flooding traffic detection done in two stage routing. Here it eliminates hotspot locating attack to identify regions.

Keywords:Introduction, motivational Work, general traffic analysis method, Results