Paper Title:National Cyber-Security Architecture (NSA)& Challenges


Design and density are the two things aside India from America and China, India is totally an information exporter. f India data is going to the west by the use of information highways it is not because of design flaws but the popularity of social media platforms and lack of India government policies to restrict the flow of data millions of user data transfer to the west every day. It is also important is the density of India's cyberspace. Cyber-attacks on India aregrowing and India is exposed to this types of attack that ranges from intrusions that affect the integrity of the data at large scale to effect the critical setup. India's digital is largely vulnerable because in India we use the devices which are manufactured by others countries and we rely on them. Another major factor is the density of India's cyber-space which does not allow a uniform legal and technical limit for data protection laws., We have proposed cybersecurity architecture that can be very helpful in improving coordination of interagency to tackle and respond to Cyber-attacks and prevent them in many circumstances. The main aim of National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) to bring armed forces and civil agencies together which are twofold: to make so capable to resistance and defense system against severe cybercrimes attacks while making its own intrusive, interceptive and exploitative capabilities. ‘Turf wars’ and financial compulsion has made too many information security organizations week. There is no polices for e-mail account especially for the armed forces, police and the agency personnel.

Keywords:Cyberspace, Architecture, Nodal Authority, Cyber Landscape, Digital Intrusions