Paper Title:Health Emergency Alarm for Rigorous Treatment (HEART)


The improvement of smart technology in healthcare applications have made patient monitoring more feasible. The potential health applications will save lives and they cut the cost of medical services. The development of Health Care Monitoring with the Internet of Things is an ultimate solution to achieve the goal of universal health care for everybody due to accidents and various diseases. The objective is to monitor a person’s health in a real-time environment by tracking vital human health parameters which will provide instant health condition of a patient. By using Global Positioning System (GPS) we will track the patient location, with Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) we can transfer the data through messages to the emergency services and by using wifi module we will continuously log patient vital information in cloud storage. This will ultimately useful to analyze a patient health condition in a given time interval.

Keywords: IoT, Emergency Health Monitoring, Patient Tracking, Vital Sign Tracking, Smart Health Alarm.