Paper Title:Offensive Protection in Android for RIG


Pilfering of sensitive data from apps is at all times measured to be one of the most precarious threats to Android arena. This can happen to the apps without palpable execution and implementation flaws, by molesting some design blemishes of the mobile operating system, e.g., common communication channels a rogue app needs to run side by side with the sincere app (such as phone book, Internet browser, Bluetooth control service, messaging, dialer, IoT interface, etc.) to save its runtime information. To dispose for protection from this new species of attacks, here is a research of a potent & advanced system which does not require any adjustment of principal systems such as on operating system or existing applications. This system will be proactively protecting any app from any category exist today in android arena. This new approach of protection, called Offensive Protection in Android from RIG attacks, spoils a rogue app’s runtime monitoring encounter by suspending (ending & pausing) all alarmed background processes when the sincere app is running in the front, and restoring the state of all alarmed background processes from the state where they had paused after the sincere app finishes execution entirely and its runtime environment is sterilized. The trial studies show that this new Offensive Protection is sovereign of OS version and works well with small impacts on the ability of sincere apps and the routine of OS. Most essentially, the notion primary behind this approach, comprises providing security at the level of application, defense at the level of common channel with no conciliation to routine of the device because offense is the best defense.

Keywords:Android Security, Mobile Security, Offensive protection in android, RIG Attack, Runtime Information Gathering.