Paper Title:RFID Based Ticketing System for Local Trains


RFID based ticketing system aims at providing a comfort, tension free and easy way of travelling and also to reduce the man power. The challenges which are faced currently in the ticketing system mainly comprises of the formation of "Queues" for buying the tickets for local trains. Even though, as there has been a tremendous expansion in the field of technology, we still buy the tickets by standing in queues which is a long, cumbersome and inconvenient process as time requirement is more and also losing or theft of cards proves to be uneconomical. This paper deals with the development and implementation of a phone application and a server to buy the local train tickets which is simple and easy to use. Our ticket can be bought with the help of a phone application through GPRS, where your local railway tickets can be carried in your phone in the form of a soft copy. The ticketing information of the user is stored in the database. It uses phones facility for ticket and delete it automatically after a specific interval of time once the user has reached the destination.

Keywords:RFID, GPRS, ticketing system.