Paper Title:Identification of Various Attacks in Wireless Sensor Network using Zero Knowledge Protocol


Wireless Sensor networks (WSN) is excellent technology which provide great potential for situations like battlefields and commercial applications such as building, traffic survey, monitoring environments smart homes and many more scenarios. Security is the most important challenge in wireless sensor networks. Sensor networks dose not haves any user control for each individual node and wireless environment. Basically some special security threats and attacks of WSNs get addressed in our paper. Distributed sensor cloning attack will get identified using this model. We implement zero knowledge protocol (ZKP) for the verification of sender sensor nodes. W i t h attachment of unique fingerprint to each node we addresses the clone attack. In the wireless sensor network non transmission of crucial cryptographic information is addressed by our model using ZKP. So it is helpful for preventing man-in-the middle attack and replay attack. Detailed information about different scenarios and also analysis of performance and cryptographic strength are content of this paper.

Keywords:Clone attack, man in middle attack, replay attack, zero knowledge protocol, WSN.