Paper Title:We Connect


There are various aspects/situations in a present condition in which the people have to face a lot of difficulties and go through lot of formalities to concern particular government authority in which lot of time is wasted. This could have been easy if we have an application which can connect people directly with the government authorities. Therefore we are developing an application through which people can directly interact with government which in result increases the transparency. In this application, after login the user can file a complaint which will be directly sent to the particular ward department officer. Later if the complaint is not resolved in particular span of time, the similar complaint will be automatically concerned to the local corporator. Similarly, this process goes on until the complaint is resolved by the particular authority in given period of time hence the case will be handed over to the higher authority till the user is being satisfied with the solution.

Keywords:Application, Citizen, Connectivity, Government, Internet, User interface, Webpage.