Paper Title:Disease Prediction and Diet Recommendation System Using Data Mining


Nutrition is the basic necessity of each individual. We all wish to stay able-bodied and healthy in all aspects of life. Health can be maintained only by a nutritious diet. A healthy diet must include a list of eatables that fulfill the nutrition requirements of an individual. Proper diet is a paramount especially when the individuals are suffering from diseases. It is observed that women face various health problems when they reach the age of 30. They witness these predicaments due to the hormonal changes which is seen more in women as compared to men of the same age group. The system proposed in this paper is a personalized diet recommendation and disease prediction system. The diet recommendation system helps people suffering from various disease to envision what food items should include in their diet and what should be avoided. In addition, the system also prognosticates the disease or health issues people may face in the near future on the basis of the symptoms they give and the variety of food items they consume. Lastly the analysis done by the system over a number of women in a particular area will be put on a map using QGIS. This will facilitate the study of general health profile of women in a particular region. Thus, the system will reduce the burden of identifying necessary food items for their health condition that should be consumed thereby improving the health profiles of households.

Keywords:Diet recommendation, disease prediction, QGIS based system