Paper Title:Cyber Crime Prediction using Data Mining Techniques


The cyber crime is a criminal activity in which Information technology systems are the means used for the commission of the crime. The purpose of applying data mining techniques in the field of cybercrime detection can produce significant results. The main objective of this work is to find which age group of respondents are affected by the common cyber crime threats using data mining techniques. The purpose of this work is to create an awareness of common cyber crime threats and provide some prevention measures. A survey has been conducted during September 2016 with different category respondents of 135. The questionnaire was designed to predict the factors about common cyber crime threats among the various sectors respondents of the society. In and around Kanchipuram , the respondents’ survey was distributed from face to face contact. The WEKA tool is used for the study implementation for data analysis because it contains a collection of visualization tools and algorithms. In this study author used Classification algorithm (J48) that predict respondents’ age group who are most affected by common cyber crime threats. The SPSS tool is used to Cross tabulate between the respondents’ age and some common cyber crime attacks.

Keywords:Cybercrime, Data Mining, J48, SPSS, WEKA.